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• Change font type, color, and size.

• Sending unlimited private and public chat messages.

• Send photos from the gallery or camera in private or public chats.

• Send smiley codes in public rooms and private chats.

• Change the icon or profile picture of the user in the chat.

• Private and public messages from a particular person can be ignored.

• Prevent receiving private messages from people.

• Search for the name of a guest or user in the list of people in the room..

• Change the color of the name in the list of users to what suits you.

• Change the background color of text messages sent in rooms and in private chat.

• Supervision membership that includes monitoring visitors from expelling and silence in general, and the owner of the membership gets a distinctive color..

Private and public messages from a particular person can be ignored by opening the spam member's profile and clicking on Sign "Ignore" This makes the chatting regular.

You must avoid entering with inappropriate names..

Respect the rules of "Gucci Chat" and people within the chat.

Not to offend anyone or any religious sect./ gender orientations.

You can edit your profile from Icon Edit gender, age, status, language, password, account details, and more..

In the top menu of the icon You can view your friends' current pending requests. You can add friends from a member’s profile by clicking on the “Add a friend” button at the top of the profile. You can view the list of current friends by clicking On the icon at the bottom of the page..

You can start a private chat or a group chat with people.

In the top menu of the icon You can view the current active private list and a new unread private notification. You can open a private chat with a user by clicking on the desired member’s avatar in the chat or by clicking on their username in the user list..

In the top menu of the icon You can view the current notification about what is happening on your account. There is an illegible notification on the top and its color is different..

You can share and post videos from YouTube with your friends and everyone.

You can listen to all radio and audio stations. .

You can share pictures from the Internet or from your personal device with everyone.

You can post a diary to your own wall and share it with your friends.

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